by Kathleen Barkley

Singular Sensations

14 great quilts from one simple block

by Barbara Douglas

Martingale Press

19021 120th Avenue, NE, Suite 102

Bothell, Washington 98011

Author, Barbara Douglas, showcases 14 different quilts that can be made from one block.  This block, Squares-within-Squares, has great diversity because of the different ways the blocks can be arranged.  I picked this book to review because many of our Guild members across the peninsula are involved in making three yard quilts using three colors and many of the patterns lend themselves to three colors.  The blocks are easily constructed and offer diverse design choices.  Depending on how you layout your blocks, you can have quilts whose blocks look circular, layered, floating, checkered and more.  

 Most of the designs are determined by the placement of the fabric values.  Your choice of colors will change the appearance of the quilt.  Because the block is made up of one large center square, two side pieced units made of two smaller squares, and two top/bottom pieced units made of two rectangles, the pieces can easily be put together using the strip-piecing method.  The Squares-within-Squares blocks in the book are made in three finished sizes: 6 inch, 9 inch, and 12 inch.  Barbara also provides information on using triadic and analogous color schemes in your quilt.  In addition to her quilt patterns, Barbara also includes several table runners of various sizes using the Squares-within-Squares block.

Barbara began teaching quilting in 1989 and started her quilt-pattern design company, Stone Cottage Designs, in 1999.  Her work has been juried in the International Quilt Festival and has appeared on the PBS television show Martha’s Sewing Show with Martha Pullen.  To quote Barbara, “In the truest sense of the word, the Squares-within-Squares block is a renaissance block-a renewal and revision of an old block, one which creates diverse and varied quilts for diverse and varied quilters”.  You can view more of Barbara’s quilts on her website:

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