Homer News

Jane has a lot of extra teddy bear quilts but no teddy bears to go with them! If anyone would like to help her with that, please do! Any new teddy bears would be greatly appreciated.

After much thought and discussion, our group has decided to no longer put on the Mother's Day show. The good news is the local Lion's Club has decided to pick it up. The first one they will put on is in October of this year and then after that, it will continue to be on Mother's Day weekend. We really appreciate them doing this, as our group is getting older and fewer people can be involved in set up and take down. Karrie is involved in that group, so her past involvement in ours should prove to be helpful!

Piama has decided to dip her toes into surface design and is designing fabric. If you are interested in seeing her designs, please contact her, and she'd be happy to give you more information! This has been something she has wanted to do for many, many years and finally discovered print on demand websites and now she's hooked.

We've had a decent turnout at quilting for the summer. Not as many as usual, but considering what's going on in the world, not too bad. We have enjoyed seeing our summer friends there and catching up with them, especially since some of us had not seen them in a couple of years.

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