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Greetings from Sunny Seward!  Can you believe it's almost August?  Almost Silver Salmon Derby time.  We are having a busy summer over here, as I'm sure is the rest of the Peninsula.  People are fishing, gardening, hiking, camping, quilting, having babies, having company, travelling, etc.  I am hearing the song, “Hello Mudda Hello Fadda" in my mind.  My dad loved that song...

But I digress!

We've changed meeting places for the summer.  We're upstairs in the Army Dispatch Building on the other side of the harbor.  With the good weather, it's so easy to gaze out from the many windows and see what everyone is doing, bustling about on the docks, etc.  In the off season, we'll go back to having multiple retreats and sew days at Seward Resort.  Still the best place in town. 

Our little gang of stitchers have been very busy, still, preparing quilts for our local veterans.  To date, we have completed and distributed 151 quilts!  There are still about 43 on the list, and we're good to go the distance! 

We have adopted another project, led by Heather Johnston, our very own President.  Seward's Animal Control is getting a brand-new facility built by the city.  However, they have nothing inside, and need the funds to purchase necessary supplies, etc.  The building will open October 1st, so they will be having fundraisers.  Our group is making two quilts to be raffled off.  Heather gathered material (some from donations) and bagged these materials with patterns to be picked up, sewn into blocks, and dropped back off at Sew'n Bee Cozy.  They went like hot cakes, snapped up very quickly.  We'll help getting those quilts put together and hope for a great turn out at the raffle.

Those of us in the UFO Club are still coming along nicely.  Heather is our cheerleader and makes really neat participation gifts for us.  I have found it advantageous to keep a list of quilts gone by unfinished and have endeavored to make that list shrink.  Some of you may not have UFOs, but those of you who do know our pain!

Some of us have been doing Gudrun's Quilt-A-Long, and really having fun.  Others of us have been in classes or getting ready for classes.  Very busy! 

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