President’s Report

We just had our August Executive Board Meeting, my, where does the summer go? There are some great things happening all the way to the end of the year and retreat will soon be around the corner.

Barb Steckel has the final two classes for the summer, and we talked about Getting Ready for Christmas. I can't wait to read her full report in the newsletter. 

The Challenge Blocks will arrive a little later than normal as they are being shown in Homer's quilt show October 22nd. Please stop in to see the display being hosted by the Lion’s Club in Homer. Jan Wallace has worked tirelessly to place the Challenge Blocks in viewings across the peninsula this summer- not easy when the 'normal' summer happenings don't happen. She should have them back in time to return to makers for the Getting Ready for Christmas October 29th. 

Retreat looks to be back to its former glory and numbers. See Jan Holland's report for the fun items we get to participate in. 

No matter where we all are in our journey, remember that not everyone else is at the same place. The storm carries many boats. Don't forget to live today knowing that when this craziness finally settles down, we are all still friends sharing a wonderful hobby.

I can't wait to see you October 1st at our annual meeting in Soldotna.


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