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So time for another newsletter.  You thought the pickings were slim last time...now they're about 90% dried up!  I have not sewed more than some holiday masks since the middle of November, and my mom just touched her machine for the first time yesterday.  Our creativity is in a slump so big that a giant mutated bulldozer might not be able to dig it out!  The Shirley half of the Svoboda sisters did manage to get her knee replacement done FINALLY (!!!) in the middle of November though, so that was a huge relief.  After all the yes...no...Yes...no wait, soon and maybe nots that she had while trying to schedule it, I think it wore our little sewing rear-ends out and thus the slump began.  The only sewing excitement that has been going on between the two of us is hand sewing bindings (no comment on the excitement and joy that this has brought us, cursing aside) and then I have continued doing English paper piecing hexies every evening.  Since my social life is so exciting (just as exciting as everyone else's has been for the past year, I'm sure!), I have managed to make a couple hundred of them in the past few months!    

On the Home-r front (no eye rolling...it briefly cracked me up so I kept it!) we have decided to cancel the Mother's Day show again this year due to obvious reasons.  This will just give us all more time to obsessively make things to show and sell for next year.  We're going to have to rent the high school gym to show all the things people have been making by then!  

Homer just got its usual mid-February snow storm a few days ago.  We thought that was just reserved every year for the retreat, but I guess not!  I was just thinking of how crazy it was last year when they shut down the road to the Spit because of the weather and then we had to get our cars shoveled out on Sunday.  I wish the gentleman that shoveled out my poor car last year would have done house calls this year.  I didn't enjoy shoveling it out as much as I hoped I would this time.  Go figure!

Ulmer's went ahead and had their yearly sale, which was nice to go to despite having not sewed recently.  People sound like they're plugging along on the mystery quilt that would have been for the retreat, so it'll be fun to see how all those come out.  

On that note, I hope you all have been sewing more than us (no pressure since we haven't done a thing!) and looking forward to seeing you all when all this craziness is over.  

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