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Greetings to our brothers and sisters in stitches!  

I hope this finds everyone well, and sewing up a storm.  Not too early to think about gardening, but probably too early to act on it by starting seedlings, depending.  Besides, it's too danged cold out there.  Seward has been "enjoying" winds and low temps these past few days.   Really dry out there.  I'm sure that will change.  Meanwhile, we have our sewing machines to keep us warm.

Our gang has graduated from Zoom meetings to mini retreats at Seward Resort.  The resort has been very accommodating.  The retreats have been for 10 attendees instead of almost 30 prior to the virus.  It's plenty roomy and pleasant.  No one is crowded.  They have recently opened up their policy to allow up to 15 attendees.  This weekend we would have had 12 but two dropped out.  When Sheila isn't booking a retreat for the Seward gals, different groups out of Anchorage are booking in to enjoy time away.  Seriously, a great time and six feet distancing, etc.  It allows us to feel somewhat normal.

We have been working towards getting as many quilts to our local veterans as we can.  Besides individual efforts towards that end, we had a great time with 10 of us at Seward Resort one day.  We produced 8 quilt tops.  All these quilt tops are then funneled through Sheila.  Through donations, Seward Area Quilters have been able to purchase batting and backing.  Sheila cuts batting, Donna cuts and washes the backing, then these tops are assigned to one of five long-armers who are donating their quilting:  Sheila, Donna Glenz, Kathy Kloster, Lois Daubney and Everta Mooter.  Donna is doing the bindings, because she's so good at the flange binding!  We're very thankful.

Other news around town, some of our quilters have baby goats’ issues!  Goats in pajamas to be specific.  It's another Lisa Hartman pattern.  They are like candy or worse to some of our quilters over here.  Darned cute patterns.

Our UFO club is starting up for the year.  I did pretty well last year, and had a good number of finishes, but am dragging some forward.  And new UFO's as well - including our Guild mystery and anniversary block quilt.  Then I cleaned my sewing room in anticipation of getting a couple more walls textured and painted.  There's another couple of UFO's I uncovered.  Yikes.  Oh well, it's all fun.

That's about it over here.  I hope you all are burning up your thread and sewing up a storm!

Virtual Hugs!!


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