President’s Report

I hope all of you are well and locked away with your sewing machines.  No better place to be!  Those scraps are not going to sew themselves!

We are still going to be going through trying times, for the near future anyway.  We are staying current on the health and usage requirements of Christ Lutheran Church.  At this time, we cannot say for sure whether we'll have our Annual Meeting in April at the church, or on Zoom.  The same goes for our four classes.  It would be hoped that things calm down enough for us to be able to imitate life as we knew it before this started.  I'm sure it's everyone's most fervent wish.  However, we'll need to wait and see.  You will be notified which way to proceed in sufficient time before each scheduled event.

Our Executive Board will be meeting in a week to take care of business and discuss issues our Guild is facing.  We'll keep you posted through the Newsletter.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of fun things going on!  As I write this, we've just received Clue #4 for our Guild Mystery, brought to you by our Homer Retreat Committee.  It's been fun to do a step at a time at home.  I can't yet imagine what it will look like, but by the time the Newsletter comes out, we'll all know.  I encourage each of you to upload photos of your completed quilts.

Our Anniversary Block of the Month, brought to you by Grace Lindle, is ongoing.  This is another great project, and it's just that little bit of distraction we all need - not a huge endeavor, but just a couple hours of one day a month.  That's the fun of it.  Also fun, I'm very curious to see the fabric everyone is using.  I've seen a couple in person, but I'd love to see more.  We could upload photos of our blocks, so everyone could ooh and aah over them.

ANY photos you have would be wonderful to see.  We're cut off from traveling and visiting as much as we did, but we can still show our completed projects.  After uploading photos, it would be helpful to email Adam Bauer to let him know what you sent and if it should go in a particular group of photos - Homer Quilt Show, Mystery, BOM, Retreat(s) quilts, etc.

It's very hard to be cooped up and not enjoy each other's company.  We hope to keep you engaged as much as we can.  Jan Wallace, our Public Information Officer, has an updated report of happenings, both in person and online.  There are so many offerings online, so many quilt-alongs, and fun things to do.  Free!

In closing, I am hoping against hope to be able to see each of your beautiful faces in person sometime this year!  Meanwhile, keep your foot on that pedal, and your fabric running under the needle!

Virtual Hugs until we meet again.

Sue Magyar


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