Homer News

Summer 2023 has been busy.  Many of us have entertained visitors, traveled to visit family, or headed to vacation destinations around the globe. Or we have done all the above. Whew. Some of our members have endured hospitalizations and surgeries, or are coping with family members’ care, or the death of family members or close friends. It’s at times like this when the group, still 12 strong on summer Thursdays, supports one another with cards, calls or heart quilts. We call the quilters’ group “cheap therapy”, but it's quite special, nonetheless.

The quilt raffle for the Kachemak Bay Quilters (tickets sold out this summer) is coming up in September. We are all holding our breath to see who wins.
Hospice of Homer has asked our group if we would be willing to donate lap quilts for the “Peace and Comfort” boxes that they are putting together for end-of-life clients and their families. They also appreciate blankets, afghans, and lap sized quilts. It sounds like a wonderful way to bring comfort to people in our community and beyond. If you have any questions, Ruthie Sullivan, the administrative assistant for hospice, says to please call her at 907-235-6899.

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