Homer News

What a pleasant surprise that the retreat actually happened this year! I think Carol and Patrice would have made it happen come hell or high water though, after having this last one hovering over them like the UFO from the movie "Independence Day" for the past two years! We missed you Patrice but are grateful that Janet was able to fill in for you. Thank you, all three of you, for all your hard work, despite the plague holding you back last year! The weather cooperated too. We were pleasantly surprised that the worst weather we had was heavy rain. Granted the deep puddles weren't too fun to drive (splash, hydroplane, fly...) through, but at least they didn't warrant the Spit shutting down like at the last retreat two years ago.

Some of our Homer quilters have been meeting again every Thursday and so it was really fun for the rest of us who went to the retreat, but who have not been meeting weekly, to see them. It might have even inspired some of us to start coming again, who knows? Hauling a sewing machine there nope, but hauling some handwork, yes!

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