President's Report

Greetings, Quilters.

This is my last President's letter to you! At our April meeting, someone else will be filling those shoes, and leading the Guild into the next big adventure. This is the end of my two terms beginning in 2018. I had been president in 2008 for two terms. Before and after that, I had held a few terms as secretary, and prior to the Homer crew taking the Retreat responsibilities, I had been part of a team that was in charge of Retreat. It has all been very rewarding, and I would highly recommend considering a position with the executive board.

Your executive board has been the greatest help to me and is always willing to go the extra mile for this guild. There is quite a bit of work involved, and some tough decisions that need to be made, to keep the guild running smoothly, and for the benefit of all members. While all members may not take advantage of a class being offered, for example, there's something else that would pique their interest. The executive board has been striving to think of creative ways our members can enjoy the guild even when we cannot meet in person. If there are ideas you may have, please share them.

Oh, and don't forget. Please let me know if you'd like to take a one-year trial at being Vice President/Education Chair. The office comes up for election in 2023, but we need to fill this position right now. You will be the recipient of help aplenty from the executive board, some of whom have had this position, and the Education Committee.

There is something very special about this Guild, with all the variety of quilters, all the different quilts that come from these talented people are stunning. Some of us jump from one thing to another with wild abandon. Others stay the course of a particular type of quilting, honing their skills and getting better and better. Some of us have signature styles - any quilt with a circle I would bet had Jan Wallace behind it, for example. Also, the giving nature of this group. Each of our different geographic areas have devoted their time and made quilts for very special groups yet can still pull together for emergencies in other areas. When we get the call to pitch in, we rally.

Be watching the website for some terrific photos from retreat. If you have taken pictures at retreat, please post them to the 2022 Retreat Folder under photos. If you don't know how, you could text the pictures to me and I could post them.

At our Executive Board meeting, we'll be making the decision of whether to meet in person at our Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 2. Watch for more info on that. We'd have to have a quorum, which currently is 18 to 20. If you would like to meet in person, let me know. If we have a solid 18, we could meet in person. We will be following the Church's protocols.

Let us always strive to keep our bond. We are a family! It is my fervent wish and prayer that, on the other end of "the troubles", we can all come together. We don't know what issues our fellow quilters are dealing with. Let's be kind to one another until we can meet again. Meanwhile, I want to leave you with something to think about:

As long as we have memories, yesterday remains. As long as we have hope, tomorrow waits. As long as we have love, today is beautiful. As long as we have faith, anything is possible.

Meanwhile, get a cup of tea, or your choice of relaxing beverage, and enjoy all the articles in this newsletter.


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