President’s Report

December is coming up fast and closing out the quilting year. We've had several ups and downs these last two years but staying sewing buddies always brightens the close of the year.

I've driven the Sterling Highway a time or two this fall; the roads are icy in patches and construction delays always seem to lie around the next bend in the road. Much like real life and hobbies, if everything goes to plan you wonder in the back of your mind "What's next?". So, when they come- sit back, put on some music, and enjoy life's little pauses.

 Getting ready for Christmas was a blast. Great food, lots of sewing, and even better company. The three projects were enjoyed by all and some who came planned to do only one or two ended up doing all three after seeing the sample items! Seward had the longest project (time wise AND length of project, pillowcases not withstanding), I appreciate small (and quicker) projects that I made as presents.

Our last board meeting of the year was this month, just easy housekeeping items and we got to hear about the fun being planned for the Homer Retreat. I can't wait to see you there in February. This last year was fun as we broke with tradition and sat on the same side, facing the same way and those mountains were beautiful to look up and see over the water in that bank of windows. I hear there are some spots still open so think about it.

And next year's meeting schedule:

2023 Meeting Dates:

  • 2/17 - 1st Quarter Executive Board Meeting - Land's End, Homer
  • 4/1 - Annual Meeting - CLC (Christ Lutheran Church)
  • 5/20 - 2nd Quarter Executive Board Meeting - CLC
  • 8/12 - 3rd Quarter Executive Board Meeting - CLC
  • 10/7 - General Membership Meeting - CLC
  • 10/28 - Getting Ready for Christmas - CLC
  • 11/4 - 4th Quarter Executive Board Meeting - CLC
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