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It's a beautiful day here in Seward.  This town is packed full of people walking, parking, trying to find a restaurant that is a) open, or b) doesn't have a line out the door.  As with everywhere, employees are in demand.  Other than that, I think everyone is getting out on the water, or the beaches, and just enjoying the beauty of this gem of a town.

We are doing a Graphic Jam B.O.M. that has been ongoing through Sew'n Bee Cozy. Sheila is keeping up with her end, but I think the participants are lagging behind.   With all that everyone is up to, it's hard to sit down and get one's head into paper piecing.  It's relaxing and wonderful, but with company, travel, gardening, etc....

We have not been meeting at all this summer, and had been lined up to start having meetings at Mountain Haven, but then the cases started spiking, and that's again on hold.  Tammy is usually our organizer for Elizabeth Hartman patterns and sew-a-longs, but she's been crazy busy with the kids and summer fun.  Oh, and she's got another hobby - Glow Forge.  Once the kids start getting back into school, things may pick up.  

There are several of us that pick up anything that Gudrun Erla lays down, and that has been productive and fun!  

The UFO Contest is now back into full swing for Seward Area Quilters. This has been an ongoing contest that has completed 97 projects since 2017. Even though we turned our focus to masks and gowns last year the combined 2020-2021 contest has a total of 76 projects, of which 18 have already been completed. 

I guess we have had things going on after all.  Pretty soon it will be time to start up our mini retreats at Seward Resort.  

Hope you have all been enjoying your summer!


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