President’s Report

Greetings All!  I hope this finds you well.  

It’s interesting to find out what you are doing while staying at home and practicing safe distancing.  Some of you, who are usually running hither and yon, constantly busy, are now forced to be home.  That does not stop your momentum!  Some are getting some needed repairs done on your homes.  Some are cleaning, and getting garden plots ready to go.  Most of us I would wager have made mass quantities of face masks.  There is still a large demand out there.  Even though we are ready to move onto other projects, we persevere and fit in a quantity of masks every day.  This is why we’ve been collecting fabric.  Finally, we are vital warriors on the front lines, as we knew to be our ultimate purpose!  Our super powers are now being called upon!

I’m also fascinated to find that our spirit is still strong.  Instead of lamenting those familiar activities that we’ve lost, we are finding new and creative workarounds.  I’ve seen a small tour of an establishment with beautiful quilts hung in each room by our Homer quilters.  We are missing our stitching buddies, since we can’t congregate and sew together, and some are creating ways to get together.  Zoom has become a popular platform for meetings.  I heard of a quilting group that will be having a tailgating meeting in the parking lot of the facility where they would normally meet.

Some of us are taking classes or instructions online.  There are several teachers out there that appear to be enjoying the opportunity.  Gudrun Erla has had two Quarantine Quilt-A-Longs, Bonnie Hunter had a pattern she was doing online, Pat Sloan, Terry Atkinson, I could go on and on.  Many of these are free, or a small fee for the pattern.

We’re all missing quilt shows, going to galleries, seeing our quilts and fiber arts displayed here and there.  I urge you to help in creating a photo gallery.   Please upload photos of anything you’ve been working on or have completed during “the troubles”.  Also, if you have any “safe distancing” get togethers, like tailgating with your quilt group.  Adam is aware you’ll be uploading these, and will think of an appropriate title for this particular photo album.  This will be a great display, and I can’t wait to see what everyone has had under their needle!

If anyone is interested in a Zoom get together, or a Zoom Show & Share, please let me know.  This is a platform that’s not too difficult, and there are several levels of participation, everything from phoning in and muting the screen, to full participation.  I have recently heard from one of our members that they would be happy to facilitate such a meeting.

Hopefully we’ll all see each other sooner than later, but until we do, keep up the great work, and your sanity saving projects.


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