Presidents Report

Happy March!

As I’m writing this, I’m avoiding the explosion that is my quilting room.  I’ve unpacked much of what I brought back from retreat. Some things I unpacked have never been in this house.  They slipped in and are now living in totes with the rest of my stash.  I will get to putting all that away, and putting everything in the correct pile.  Soon.  I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling such gratitude for the Homer gang, once again the Retreat was sheer heaven!  Thank you all for your hard work.  We loved every bit of it!

We did have an Executive Board meeting prior to the official start of Retreat.  Much of what we accomplished was the usual business, approving minutes, updating S.O.P.’s for a few of our positions on the board.  Just run of the mill stuff.  However, some of the things we discussed will be coming out in this newsletter from your Education Chair, Retreat Chairs, Hospitality Chair, and others.  

I hope to see many of you at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 4th.  We’ll be at Christ Lutheran Church in Soldotna, and begin the meeting at 10:00.  Besides the usual things we discuss at meetings, we’ll be having an election.  The offices of President and Treasurer will be up for election.  Both of the people holding these offices have only served one term each, so could serve another term.  If you have interest in an office, please contact your Nominating Committee:  Donna Glenz in Seward, Nancy Mathew in Soldotna, and Linda Wagner in Homer.  Also, our Challenge Block will be revealed.  If you haven’t done anything with that yet, you have a little time!!  We will be having a contest, and the winner will get $100.  It is for designing the next Retreat T-Shirt.  This will be our 25th year, so we’re looking for something special.  If you have an entry, please get it to Patrice Krant by August 1.  We’ll try to keep the meeting moving so we can get to the fun:  Show & Share, a wonderful lunch, and a surprise from Karrie Youngblood for after the meeting!  Read about that in the V.P./Education Chair section of the newsletter.

Besides what the Guild is offering for Education, don’t forget to check with your local quilt shops for opportunities to learn something new and fun.  We’ve got talent among us, and within the state, and it’s fun to take classes.  Also, explore the shows that will be happening soon around the state, and if you’re outside, take a detour to see the wonders of textile art!

See you all in April!




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