President’s Report


The weather is perfect for sitting at your machine, or doing handwork on the couch, or planning the next great project.  Christmas presents, decorations, and getting caught up so we can go into the next class guilt free!!  Ha ha!  

It was great to see so many of you at our October meeting, and all the new members this year.  You’ll be glad you joined.  There are some great classes being offered in 2020, AND 2021.  Read about them in the Vice President/Education Chair report.  This past year we had some great classes, and I’m sure we’re in store for great classes to come.

Thank you to all who brought the projects to share during Getting Ready for Christmas.  I’ve been able to do at least one of each, and really like the patterns.  Very fun day!

Our Executive Board meeting was after the General Membership Meeting on October 5th.  Most of it was some general housekeeping, dotting the “I”’s and crossing the “T”’s.  We are working on something that we’ve had on the back burner for a while.  We’ve got Golden Needle awards.  They are pins that were created that have been given to people for meritorious service to the Guild, but the criteria needed work.  We’ll be forming a set of qualifications, and selecting a Committee to choose Guild members who have made a significant contribution to the Guild.  We’ll talk about that at the Annual Meeting Saturday, April 4, 2020.  Our next Executive Board meeting will be during the Retreat in February.  

We’ll be seeing some of you in Homer in February for our Retreat.  I’m sure we’ll be delighted by all that the Retreat Chairs and crew have in store for us.  It’s a wonderful mini holiday!
Happy stitching!

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