How to Log-in

Welcome to KPQG member pages - all paid members have a log-in that gives you access to special content

So How do I log-in?

On the top of the page, there should be a "login link"

Log-in link



This will take you to the log-in page - but maybe you don't have a password - if this is the first time you have tried to log-in - you don't have a password - so use the "Reset your password" link

Reset your passwork



Easy Peasy, just put in the email address you used when you joined the Guild. Click the button and the magic happens

your email address



Wait for it - If all our ducks are properly lined up you should get a message from the website. If it does not show up, try your spam folder

Once it arrives it should look like the image below, click the link for a one time access to the site

the email from the site



That link should take you back to the site and look like the image below - go ahead, be bold - click the "Log in" button.




Oh goodness, we are almost there. Here is where you have to make a commitment - enter a password




Don't forget to save your password, scroll to the bottom of the page and save it - This is your personal page - you can even upload a photo of yourself if you want.

Save it