Seward Quilting News

We've been a busy bunch here in Seward.  It seems we're having a baby boom over here.  Thank goodness P.J. Bauer started "Baby Welcome Wagon" back up.  It had been inactive for a period of time.  Quilters have been supplying baby quilts to the program and they are still coming!  What was going on last winter in Seward?  Something in the water?  

Our service quilt supply is coming together and we're getting a grip on how many, where, in what stage, etc.  Sometimes that's a real challenge!  There are a good number of quilters volunteering for different stages in both of these areas.  Besides that, there are classes that some are finishing.  

Summer Solstice class #4 just ended - Karrie Youngblood ran over to Seward to teach this.  Every quilt is amazing looking!  

Deb Crosby helped a number of us over the hump with appliqué (no small feat here in Seward!!), and there are a couple new devotees to this technique.  We're looking forward to more fun classes.  

There are a number of us working Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion mystery quilt.  What fun!  If you haven't heard about it, go to Bonnie's blog (  

Our Wednesdays have been spent at Sebolt Hall at Seward Resort.  We thank them for helping give us a home, however, Donna Glenz has been working miracles in the basement of the old library, and we might have a forever home, where we can leave stuff set up.  The reveal for this space will be during our end of year potluck December 17th.  Have a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season, and we'll see you at retreat!!!