Seward News June 2014

Greetings to all our quilting sisters across the Peninsula!  I hope everyone has been enjoying this outstanding weather.  Since we last checked in, Seward’s had a retreat in late March.  Usually we do our own thing, or someone teaches a mini-class or technique, but the project for the retreat was a mystery quilt.  You could either make this for yourself, or take a kit of fabric to make a service quilt.  Sheila and Tammy made kits of donated fabric for these tops.  Sheila has a back room at Sew’n Bee Cozy that's for donated fabric to use in service quilts and there’s plenty to draw from.  We came up with a good number of quilts. Other service quilt projects have been moving along as well.  Quilting season is waning, people will be out doing other activities  but I think some of us will still meet in the afternoons one day a week or a rainy Saturday here and there.  This summer Seward has some additional fun things going on.  Dana Verrengia will be in Seward, July 27th for a book signing and trunk show. She’ll be back in Seward on August 15 for a trunk show/book signing, intentionally corresponding to the docking of a quilting cruise.