Seward News Dec 2013

The winter season is upon us, all the tourists have gone home, and our thoughts turn to diving into our fabric and coming up with wonderful creations.  We no longer meet at the grade school – we now meet on Wednesday nights at Sew n Bee Cozy.  It really is cozy too!  We have less room, but people are adapting by bringing handwork or knitting, and it's a good networking session.  Sheila Squires purchased the shop from Christine this fall after retiring from the Police Department.  Is this less stressful?  We hope so!!  Seward had a retreat this fall at Seward Resort.  Donna Glenz and Sheila Squires were the organizers and they did a fabulous job.  There were no mysteries or classes – people just did their own thing and got quite a bit done.  Fun was had by all.  At this time, Donna, with Tammy Nicolas' help, is creating a quilt to donate to Seward Mariner's Memorial Fundraiser.  This involves some paper piecing (there were a couple who went kicking and screaming down this path), and applique.  The vision these two ladies have will bring us a spectacular quilt.  We'll get a picture for a future newsletter when it's done.  Other than that, there have been classes we've attended, and projects for Christmas to do, and of course service quilts.  Oh, and by the way, thank you Homer for sending us PJ and Adam Bauer!  They are fitting in quite nicely here Seward!  Happy stitching!