Seward News

Greetings from the Eastern Peninsula!  We’ve all grown webbing between our toes, and some of us have the faint beginning of gills!  That might just be shadow.  To say we’ve had a slow start to spring may just be an understatement.  While we usually get our hummingbirds in late April, the little tykes didn’t show up until close to Mother’s Day weekend.  Enough about our troubles - we’ll turn that frown into a smile and grow rice in the paddies that have formed!  OR cranberries in the bogs!  Stand by for more news on that front…

As for more pleasurable pursuits, Donna Glenz just met with PJ Bauer, and turned over 31 baby quilts and several receiving blankets.  This builds up the supply, and a few are slated to be delivered to new little members of our communities very soon.  PJ had also informed Donna of the resurgence of efforts for foster kids.  I don’t know all the details, but she spoke of an organization called ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences), and PJ’s position at Seaview Community Services will be involved to a degree.  At least one organization in town (Rotary) will be pitching in with backpacks, and PJ thinks a quilt would be a welcome possession for these kids, something of their own to take with them.  Donna agrees, and Seward Quilters should have no problems supplying that need.  This should keep us going!  As a byproduct of all this activity, Donna has delivered seven dog and cat beds made of our scraps to the Seward Animal Shelter.

 July will bring the mid-point of the UFO contest.  Heather Johnston will be back from driving up the AlCan, and will no doubt be organizing a party and awards to those people who have knocked a few quilts off their UFO list.  Yikes!  I’d better get upstairs and put those backs together!!!

There will be three mini classes to keep interests up this summer.  We’re still sewing on Wednesday nights and every other Sunday.  The Seward Area Quilters has a Facebook page, and when the sewing room is open, we usually get a notification.  If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for quilting, or call ahead and we can meet up - perhaps at Sew’n Bee Cozy!