Seward News

Seward's season of quilting is hitting its seasonal slowdown period, so we won't be meeting every other Wednesday and alternating every other Sunday.  However, there are exceptions, and they will be announced.  

Seward has been busy with Baby Welcome Quilts, Rare Bear - Science Bears, and the latest has been lap quilts for the residents of Mountain Haven (our nursing home up on the hill).  Heather worked up a very nice, quick pattern that fits the bill perfectly, and will be just the right size for a lap quilt for someone in a wheelchair, as well as for other circumstances.

The UFO challenge is still going on, and the competition is heating up in the final stretch.  It's fun to see the give and take on that!  Competition can get you fired up to dig those old projects out and move along through them.  

Many of the quilters down here are taking classes, either Guild sponsored, in Anchorage, or in Seward.  In my case, it will be creating more UFO's.  I'll have to get in on the UFO Contest the next time it comes around!

We wish all of you a wonderful summer!  Get out there and see the different quilt displays, and fiber arts.  Don't let the dust build too deeply in your sewing room!