Seward News

It has been a busy season in Seward for quilting.  Finally the group has gotten into a rhythm and are meeting 1st & 3rd Sundays and 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at the basement of the old Library. 

There have been many giving opportunities that have brought positive feedback to the city (owner of the old library building).  Besides a Baby Welcome wagon quilt count of 57 for 2016, there have been individuals in need who have received service quilts.  There were a couple who showed their appreciation with cookies.  Always a welcome treat! 

Babies are still coming aplenty, so the gang has scheduled a day of binding after a push to make quilt tops and long arm quilting by three volunteers.  This should be a fun day.  Donna will lead the way with the flanged binding. 

The RARE SCIENCE BEARS project has grown to 23 bears - RARE bears for kids with rare diseases.  This is really something everyone got behind and they are so cute!

Seward will be having another retreat in March to coincide with the Seward Day holiday - make it a long weekend of fun and getting away from it all.  You can’t have too much of that!

 Sheila has put out her class schedule for the next couple of months, and the projects look like they will be interesting.  One class is Heather Johnston teaching “California Nights”.  Looks complicated - might be fun!

Several gals are winding up their Splendid Sampler.  Holy cow!  That’s quite a process, but you always have a project, and at the end you have 100 6.5” blocks, not including the bonus blocks.

For us in Seward, thoughts of spring are a few feet off (as in deep white stuff!).  We’ll be spending the next couple months happily working on our favorite pastime, quilting!