Seward News

I hope this finds you all drowning in fabric, and happily putting your foot on that sewing machine pedal!

Seward Area Quilters are on a serious roll!  Group projects, charity quilts, mysteries, retreats, quit show, classes, bears (no lions or tigers, just bears, oh my!).

The group has decided to quilt on 2nd & 4th Wednesday evenings, and 1st & 3rd Sundays.  All will take place in the basement of the old library.  Due to Donna’s diligence, this room is a haven for quilters with all the amenities; ironing stations, cutting stations, coffee, hot water, and food area.  Bring a pair of slippers and come on down to enjoy an ongoing project, or bring your own project. 

Several of our group pitched in to make Hug quilts for a quilter and her husband, who's facing a health issue.  These finished quilts were presented to the couple on one of our regular Wednesday nights, and were appreciated more than words could express.  As always, we’re busy with Baby Welcome Wagon quilts.  This program has been very well received.  PJ Bauer does the distribution through her job, and there are so many heartwarming stories associated with the giving of these quilts.  Several of the gals are working on RARE Science Bears.  RARE bears are one of a kind teddy bears for one of a kind children with one of a kind rare diseases.  Here is a link if you’d like to learn more:

Sharon Treece has found a fun Block of the Week called Peace & Healing.  It’s a Civil War Sampler.  If you’d like to join in, this is where details can be found:

We’re going to have a Retreat in January at the Seward Resort, and are lucky to have Pam Ventgen attend.  She’ll be teaching All Squared Up, which features a layer cake.  This ought to be fun, plus it’s always a bonus to spend time with Pam.  Sheila at Sew’n Bee Cozy is organizing the retreat and if you have any questions or would like to sign up and enroll in the class, she’s the one to see.  She’s also thinking ahead to the March retreat, so stay tuned.

Speaking of Sheila, she’s trying to get some classes lined out, and they look pretty good.  Everything from open sew/finishing Christmas projects, to Binding Tool Star, Finishing paper piecing projects, and California Nights, just to name a few.  

January 1 comes along, and nothing to do?  We’ll be at the “Quilting Headquarters” doing a Merry Mayhem mystery!  This sounds like a very fun day, and you will create your first UFO of the year!

Speaking of UFO’s, 2017’s contest will be UFO related!  This is sounding like a very fun project, and just think of all those UFO’s you have buried in totes in your garage.  They are crying out for attention!  To sign up, you’ll need to furnish a list of your UFO’s.  Heather Johnston has the details and rules for this contest.  Monthly check-ins are involved, and there are rules like “what constitutes a completed UFO?”  A couple of parties during the year will occur, and prizes will be awarded for various things.

Our Polar Bear Quilt Show will be January 28th, which is Seward Polar Bear Jump-off Festival time.  After standing around in the weather watching over 100 people jump into the boat harbor to raise funds for cancer research (CRAZY costumes mandatory), come to our quilt show in the basement of Resurrection Lutheran Church at the corner of 3rd & Jefferson.  We’re hoping that all the wonderful articles that have been put together by our quilters will have room to be displayed.  Not to brag on Seward, but there are some wonderful pieces out there that need to see some daylight!

This and more can be found in our SAQ (Seward Area Quilters) Newsletter, brought to us by Donna Glenz and Heather Johnston.  These two, along with Tammy Treece, have been diligently working on getting the word out to our locals, through the newsletter, our yahoo email group, and Facebook. VERY good job, girls!