Seward News

It’s almost time for all of us to turn our minds away from the garden, and start thinking of our poor neglected fabric! The last little road trip we took to Central Peninsula did not find the blue sky at the end of the rainbow. In fact, no rainbow! That’s okay. Those of us who live here aren’t bothered by a little rain. It just shuts one door and opens another.

It is Seward’s turn to display the Guild Challenge blocks. They are proudly hung at First National Bank Alaska. First National is very accommodating to the fabric artists, and it doesn’t hurt that our very own Karen Sefton is the Manager of our branch! I know Homer and probably Central Peninsula have their quilters too. Isn’t it wonderful that wherever you go, there we are?

In our P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization) chapter, and in other P.E.O. chapters around the state, there are the quilters, stitching up wonderful creations! Seward’s P.E.O. chapter is tasked with putting together a quilt with blocks made from other chapters in the state. It’s beautiful!

The rest of the Seward quilters have been busy in their summer endeavors, but ready to start getting together to create for the off season months. We’ll be having a pot luck to kick off the season, and will be discussing our goals for the year. One of our ongoing projects of course is the Baby Welcome Wagon. PJ Bauer, who works for Seaview Community Services, gets the fun job of meeting the moms and babies and distributing the quilts. They are so appreciated, which makes the quilters all the more glad to be able to furnish them.

I know I’ve been digging out my UFO’s and getting them moving along again. That’s my commitment for the upcoming winter. What about all of you? Happy quilting! See you in October!