Seward News

Hello from our beautiful little town on Resurrection Bay!

We don’t have much news, and what news we have is probably mirrored in many communities.

  • We’re making masks.  Many many Masks.  The community appreciates all the efforts of all of those making masks.  Good thing to fit into our daily schedule.
  • Some of us have been tasked with making gowns, as well.  
  • Our group was able to furnish a family with quilts after a fire took all their possessions.  This community is outstanding for pitching in whatever way they can.
  • We try to entertain ourselves by getting involved in Sew Alongs.  Gudrun Erla has had a couple of Quarantine Quilt-A-Longs, as well as a Strip Along.  Fun!  Also, several are doing Elizabeth Hartman’s Chuckles pattern - cute fish!
  • Our Fearless UFO Leader has given us a little reprieve!!   We’ll pick it up later, but for now we’re not feeling guilty about cranking them out.  Thanks, Heather!
  • Sanity.  Do we have it?  Did we ever?  Can we keep it?  Some days are questionable!


That’s it from our little town.  I hope this finds you all well.  Hopefully we’ll all meet again soon!!