Seward News

Greetings from the end of the Seward Hwy!

When we last touched base, we were looking for a new location to quilt and set down some roots.  We were kindly offered the use of one of the day rooms at a local hotel (okay to mention name?) for quilting one day a week for the winter.  It was a lovely room with tables and big windows looking out at the harbor, however we had to take all our stuff out of the room when we left (and quilters have a LOT of stuff!).  Another blessing was the chance to quilt our normal 1st & 3rd Sundays at Mountain Haven in their Admin Building’s large meeting room.  Very roomy, big windows, and a great view of the mountains, and again it was a bring in, bring out with our stuff.  After a couple of weeks (of itinerant roaming?) we were finally offered a permanent place for our Thursday quilting.  Tammy Treece used her connections and scored us a room at Metco, Inc.  The room has a window to see out, tables, shelving so we can finally leave our stuff, and a coffee pot.  Potty next room down the hall.  Score!  So, we be patching together fabric while the employees take care of the roads in town.  Maybe we’ll get some snow so they can plow!

In October we had a fun retreat at Seward Resort.  There were twenty-six or so people, and we had a blast.  How can you not at a retreat?  Nancy Mathew came to town to teach a zippy bag class and that went over well.  Everyone had fun making the bags and many had ideas to expand or change them- many a Christmas gift in the making!

Our group has several things going as far as sew-a-long type things:

  • The Lisa Hartman fans are finishing up with Bees in December and starting on Koala Bears at our New Year’s Day Sew
  • There’s several gals who got involved in a Christmas BOM from, so everyone’s prepping for that, buying fabric, getting the book, etc.  
  • Let’s not forget Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery, Frollic.  That wormhole opened and several have fallen through!  
  • Then, there’s Gudrun Erla’s weekly and monthly sew-a-longs
  • NOT to mention, we’re now collectively working on quilts for our veterans- Yay for the red, white, and blue!

January 1 is a party day for us, which will be at Mountain Haven.  It is the end of the 2019 UFO Contest.  There are a few of us who are hot and heavy to get to the finish line!  Heather has been running this, and encourages us the whole year.  Our cheerleader!  She also arranges for prizes for participation, as well as prizes for several categories.  Thank you Heather!

We have two retreats booked for the winter months- the first is in January at the Seward Resort, the second will be in March.  Coincidentally, the Polar Bear Jump off Festival in Seward is that same January weekend and the Annual Polar Bear Quilt Show will be happening, Saturday, January 18th, from 10:00 to 4:00!  I hope that those of you who love a road trip, even in winter, come to visit us.  It’s a great quilt show, not huge, but made with love.  It will again be in the basement of Resurrection Lutheran Church, which is at the corner of 3rd & Jefferson.  Parking and the door is off of the alley.

By the time the next newsletter goes out, we’ll have been at our favorite retreat with you all at Land’s End in February.  We can’t wait to spend a long weekend with you!

 Keep stitchin’, Sisters!!