Seward News

Hasn’t this summer been fabulous? There have been highs and lows over here in Seward: smoke, grand weather, gardens going crazy, fishing, all things that can take away from our fabric and our favorite hobby. Just a couple of weeks ago, we learned that QH (Quilting Headquarters) will no longer operate out of the city’s annex building. Donna Glenz, when she was working upstairs in the old library for Community Development, spent many hours getting the dumping ground that had been the basement cleaned up, and was promised that we could use this area as our own. Well, we moved in, lock stock and barrel, and as is nature, more space meant more stuff. We were comfortable, had everything at our fingertips. Since Donna has retired, the new management isn’t as generous with the space. We were given a time to vacate, and in two weeks the last remnants of our existence will be taken from the building. We have some other locations we’re looking into, although some of these are seasonal. If getting the whole band together involves having more retreats at Seward Resort, then that’s what we’ll have to do. For smaller groups, it would be easy to call a few and get together someplace for a few hours. This is a bump in the road. Meanwhile, we’re still trying to get control of our personal quilting spaces, keep up on UFO’s, and get some new projects going. The Baby Welcome Wagon has a good supply of quilts, we’re still filling dog and cat beds, and are finding new outlets for service quilts – Mountain Haven is one such example. We’ll see what’s in our future, we’ll survive and evolve. I think the last line in Gone With the Wind is fitting for this situation: “Tomorrow is another day."