Seward News

Seward is gearing up for Summer - the cruise ships are in, people are walking all about town (sometimes with umbrellas), and our gardening season is off to a slow roll. Quilting slows a tad bit around here, but there are still plans for different things going on. Several of us will be attending the Guild sponsored classes, and truly looking forward to them! Of course, there are things going on at our local shop.

Sew’n Bee Cozy had a class recently where the instructor had us taking our Singer Featherweights completely apart (all but the motor), cleaning, lubing, oiling, and all the things needing adjustments. Wow, what a great experience! We’re thinking of having a spa day soon, so we can oil the little darlings. What a valuable class. Our little 221’s need to get out and have fun, and be treated well, instead of living inside a box!

1st half of the UFO contest is over, and we’re nearing time to have a party. Who won? The reveal party is in July, so we’ll see. Meanwhile, there are future UFO’s in the making!

Donna delivered 38 Baby Welcome Wagon quilts to PJ, and twelve dog beds to Seward Animal Shelter. We had quite a collection. Now on to more 40 x 40 lap quilts for Mountain Haven - so far there are about a dozen in varying stages of completion. Those go together so quickly.

 On May 1 several of our gang met with the Moose Pass Moose Bots to make space bears. The student groups were given an idea, and they had to take it from conception to production. The theme was Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. They wanted to find something to send into space that hadn’t gone before. Teddy bears had not, but only things that are completely sterile can go. So, they made bears out of hospital gowns and cotton stuffing, things that could go through an autoclave to be sterilized. The bears can also be used in burn units or NICU. Some of the bears will be kept in Moose Pass in case a child in the above circumstance might need one. Thirty bears were created, with a little help from our group.