Seward area news September 2014

We have been busy in Seward having a wonderful summer.  Until recently (Salmon Derby) we’ve had fairly nice weather and there is gardening and now berry picking to attend to.  Some of us are too busy to sit down due to work and hopefully that will be dropping off soon - we miss our times together!  There are a few of us who have been meeting on Wednesdays during the day at Sew’n Bee Cozy to get in a few hours on our projects, and to catch up on the news.  Earlier in the summer we had an appliqué class given by Deb Crosby that was very clear and spelled everything out so well that even those of us who considered ourselves appliqué challenged were able to get our projects done.  This was a good thing, since there are a number of us who are making gifts for delegates from our sister city, Obihiro, Japan.  The delegates arrive in September, and we set our deadline for the end of August.  Granted, there are those of us who don’t start a project until the 11th hour!  Other than that, we’ve been asked by P.J. Bauer to think about making baby quilts for the Baby Welcome Wagon.  Her new job is such that she’s gotten the ball rolling on that again and it’s a good thing.  There are going to be many babies born to area families through the end of November.  Happy stitching to you all!