Retreat Update


by Patrice Krant

Although we are not holding our weekly Kachemak Bay Quilters meetings, you can be sure we are still thinking about next year’s retreat, hoping that we will be able to meet in large groups again by then and wondering what accommodations we might need to make, given the size of our group and how many of us are in the at-risk age groups for flus and viruses.

At the same time, we are moving along with our usual preparations, including welcome gifts, lottery block patterns, mini-workshops, and another fun mystery quilt.

25th Anniversary Retreat Tee Shirt Design Contest

One thing we are not doing as a group is designing a tee shirt to celebrate our 25th anniversary retreat — because it is open to everyone in the Guild to submit a design! Don’t forget that there is a $100 prize for the designer of the tee shirt chosen. If you are entering the contest, be sure to get your design to Patrice Krant no later than August 1, 2020.

A Couple of Clarifications

Apparently there was a lot of discontent at our retreat in February, and I don’t mean about green eggs on Saturday! But, like the green eggs, it would have been helpful if these issues were raised during the retreat, so that we could have addressed them then.

First, the irons. We asked you not to put water in the new irons because they last longer if you don’t. It’s that simple. (The steam can also distort fabric and make it bleed, but our primary reason is to prolong iron life.) You may not remember it, but at our 2019 retreat, Homer quilters brought their own irons for you to use because the Guild irons leaked. But, it’s true the irons do not belong to me or the Kachemak Bay Quilters, so I asked our fearless leader, Sue, who said she does not think we should change our no water in the irons rule.

Second, since the price of the retreat was increased, why was there only one scholarship? The two issues are not related, because scholarships are paid for out of Retreat Savings, not Retreat Registration Fees. The Board decided last year to cut back to one scholarship.

Third, why did we buy new equipment for retreat when we had to raise retreat prices? Again, not related, since capital equipment used for multiple years (cutting mats, irons and ironing boards) is paid for out of Retreat Savings, not Retreat Registration Fees. Your retreat registration pays for primarily food and conference rooms at Land’s End, as well as expenses for supplies that are used just for that year (tape, markers, photocopying, postage, Kleenex boxes, etc.) Food is by far the biggest expense; more than 80% of your registration fee in 2020. We can probably expect food prices to increase again for 2021, if food supply chain disruption predictions are correct.

That’s your retreat news from Homer for this quarter. Let’s all keep hoping that our world will have changed enough for us to have a retreat February 19-21, 2021!






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