President's Report

         The season of thankfulness is upon us. I am very thankful for personal issues of good health, wonderful family, endearing friends, and amazing opportunities that come my way.
         One of those opportunities is attending the upcoming "Road to California" with several fellow members of KPQG. It has been on my personal "want to do" list for 8 years! We will be attending a wide variety of classes. Because sharing is a valued characteristic of our members, we will be back with new ideas, techniques and insights of how to help make quilting a continued enjoyable and sometimes challenging process.
         In an effort to continue to keep our members connected to the guild's mission, we will be publishing the minutes of the membership meetings on the website We realized that if you did not attend a meeting you might not be aware of the guild's actions until the next meeting six months later.  The website is also a reminder of upcoming events and classes. Check it out!
         I personally wish all of you a Wonderful New Year. Hope to see you at the Retreat in February 19-21, 2016 and/or the Annual Meeting April 2, 2016.

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