President’s Report

First of all, I’d like to thank you all for nominating and electing me President of KPQG.  While I am not as visionary as previous Presidents, I can hold the reins while the chariot charges off into new directions!

Second, thanks to Vicki Steik, our outgoing President, now our Immediate Past President!  Vicki, you have always been an inspiration, and I know I speak for all of us when I say thank you for your leadership!

This is the season when we get to witness some wonderful things.  Recently a group of us traveled to Homer for their Mother’s Day Kachemak Bay Quilt Show, and it was worth the drive from Seward!  Fabulous!  There’s a list of events on the Home page of  Plus, there’s so much more in each community.  Take time to find these displays and shows.  You’ll uncover gems, I guarantee.

We’ve got three great classes brought to you by the Guild.  The first of those is Jean Ann Wright.  Kathleen’s Vice President’s Report will give more detail to all of that.  Kathleen is blessed with an Education Committee who consider all your suggestions, and instruct Kathleen with whom to enter into a contract.

We’re almost halfway through the year, and are preparing for an Executive Board Meeting Saturday, June 2nd.  These meetings are necessary for us to keep the wheels on and turning, and do fine tuning so that everything appears effortless.  Every position of the Board has a set of Standard Operating Procedures (or SOP’s) to help us, and future Board Members, operate in the best way for the Guild.  Some things are small.  We’ll be modifying two SOP’s to switch the responsibility of notifying the members of newly posted Newsletters.  Other modifications are to fill in any gaps so that operations can be smoother.  We’ll be modifying the Retreat SOP for clarification.  Per discussion at February’s Executive Board meeting, the following change will be added to the SOP:  “Only persons who have paid membership dues and the full Retreat Registration fee may attend.  This includes the period prior to the official start of the retreat in the Quarterdeck”.   In fairness, only those members who have paid both their membership dues and Retreat Registration fee should benefit from the experience of the Retreat.  This is the crazy fun we go through at Board meetings!  All members are welcome to attend. 

The Guild is a wonderful combination of members with many talents, strengths, likes and dislikes.  It’s such a treat to open one’s mind to new ways of doing things.  For those of you who are comfortable in your box, it isn’t that bad to peek your head out and take a look around!




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