President’s Report

Greetings across the Miles!  Our sleepy little winter activities are gearing up.  All of us have too much to do it seems, and are being pulled in so many directions: company, travel, gardening, fishing, work.  It’s my sincerest hope that all of you have some time to enjoy the fabric living in your home, and the fabric that longs to join it from your local quilt shop!!

We’re going to be gearing up for our summer Guild Sponsored classes, and I’m personally looking forward to all of them!  We’ll have fun, and enjoy new quilting methods and learn new things, which is a bonus.  Just to take two days enjoying what we love with our quilty friends will be smile worthy for sure!

Don’t forget, if you don’t attend the class, take time to attend each of the three trunk shows.  They are listed on the home page of our website,  This is a good opportunity to see a teacher’s body of work, what techniques she uses, what drives her, what inspires her new ideas.  For you Central Peninsula ladies, it should be fairly easy to take two hours out of your day.  For those in the farther reaches, pile several friends in your car and take a fun little road trip.  Have dinner, see the trunk show, great conversation for the trip home.  Spread the word and tell all your friends that the trunk shows are open to everyone.

We just had our Second Quarter Executive Board Meeting, and there were several things that we discussed and are working on that would be of interest to you all.

    • There has been questions about advertising or information in Newsletter about National teachers not sponsored by the Guild.  This would be teachers that are at quilt shops that might be of interest to our Guild members, but have nothing to do with the Guild.  While we are not promoting any quilts shops, our Guild’s mission statement is to stimulate an interest in quilts, to promote and advance the art of quilt making, and to conduct educational programs and services in the design and techniques of quilt making.  So, these things should be brought to your attention, and we are working on creating an area on the webpage that can hold this information.  Stand by for more!
    • There has been a lapse in our information sharing with the public at large, and with quilt shops.  We might possibly create a new Exec Board position - Media Chair, or Public Information Officer, or Publicity Chair.  This person would be responsible to get information out there on Guild Events and other events quilt related, such as a community’s quilt show, or Quilt Walk, or other events that might be of interest to quilters.
    • Meeting Dates for 2020 have been set and are on the calendar at the church, and will be on the front page of our website.
    • When you read The Book Look by Dana Lewis, it will be her last report as our Librarian.  Since her focus is with her family in Missouri, she had let us know that if we found a good candidate for the job that would be more active in Alaska, she would pass on her position.  We found someone that pleases us and Dana.  Kathleen Barkley will be taking over these duties.  If you have a book or a quilt artist you’re interested in, please email Kathleen and let her know.
    • Oh, and one more thing;  you know those Membership Cards you are given every year?  Start carrying them around in your travels.   Some quilt shops give discounts to Guild members.  Every little bit helps!!

I hope to see you this summer, lurking behind bolts of fabric, or sitting in class, or taking in a quilt show!  Happy stitching!


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