President’s Report

Greetings to all of you!  With the (somewhat) inclement weather, we’ve turned more to indoor sports, such as quilting.  I thought I had been doing a good job keeping up with myself, finishing projects from classes, working on addressing my scraps as I make them, keeping up with UFO’s.  Then, reality hits.  What are all those PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) doing in that corner?  Wait, wait, I thought I had it all together!!  Then comes Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery.  And, lo and behold, Gudrun Erla is starting a Stella Sew Along!  I have so much to do, am I off my rocker for picking fabrics for these?  What about Christmas?  Retreat projects?  Is that Ringo Lake on deck?  Are you kidding me? 

I hope some of you can relate to the squirrel in my head.  Slowing down and enjoying the process is what will get all this done.  And we DO enjoy the process!  Some of us appreciate different parts of the process - borders, piecing blocks, cutting into that crispy fabric, binding, etc.  Spend some time with quilty friends, working on these projects.  Each of our communities have groups we can join, and it’s such fun to spend a few hours or a day with like-minded people. 

After our October General Membership meeting, we had an Executive Board meeting.  There wasn’t much going on at the Board meeting, but we did establish the dates for 2019 for our meetings.  These dates have been listed on our website (  If you have an event, please let me know and we can get this listed.  It’s great to have this resource, so that we can plan accordingly.   

It was wonderful to see so many at the October General Membership meeting, and at Getting Ready for Christmas in November.  We had some great projects to make for gifts, brought to us by Karrie Youngblood from Homer, Phyllis Boskofsky from Central P., and Donna Glenz from Seward.  Great job, ladies!  With the detailed handouts and good instructions, we’ll be gifting many with these treasures.  I posted some pictures on our website, so go take a look.

If you have any pictures from that event, or the meeting, please download them onto our website so we can all see them.  I used the downloader that is on the Home Page.  Thanks to Adam, this works flawlessly.  I know he’s doing quite a bit of work behind the scenes, but it appears to the user to be magic!

Happy Holidays to you all!  Looking forward to seeing you in Homer in February!!!


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