President’s Report

Thank you for giving me another opportunity to serve our Guild as President. Your confidence has given me pause to look back over twenty years and gauge how well we have fulfilled the visions that inspired us to create this organization.

I'm proud that many of the goals we set have been reached or even exceeded.

Our education committee has given us programs that suit varied interests and skill levels at a reasonable price. We have created a unified membership that serves our communities Peninsula wide.  We celebrate our accomplishments by coming together at Retreats that get better every year.

My reflections over the past twenty years have brought clearly home the fact that you and I are not the same as we were then. Time has passed. Our energies and abilities may not be as strong as they were. So now I have a new challenge for you.

Since the beginning, one of our most earnest goals has been to see that quilting continues to be as important to future generations as it is to us. To be certain this goal is met, I challenge you to find a younger person in your life that needs quilting in their life. Show them the joy you get from it.  Tell them about the one hundred plus new friends you have accumulated over your years with the Guild.

Express the fulfillment they could feel sharing their talents with their fellow members by:

  • making gifts to share at the Retreat
  • bringing their special recipe for the potluck at our meetings
  • sharing their show and tell to inspire us
  • contributing ideas and suggestions for ways we can improve

Encouraging new members can bring even more vitality to accomplish future plans. New members can help our organization create the legacy we envisioned, to keep the Guild growing and keep quilting alive for the joy of future generations.

To start sharing the joy with a family member, co-worker or friend, direct them to our website. Encourage them to look at the section "About Us", where they will find information and membership forms.

What a great gift for someone you care about.  Keep on quilting.

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