Homer News

We've all been up to various things, besides a lot of traveling and trying to keep cool, this summer.  Patrice went on Gudrun Erla's trip to Iceland and had a ball!  She got to see many things such as volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers, waterfalls, sheep, historic sights and on top of that try new food and sew with some locals.  She also said how wonderful Gudrun was, not only as a sewing instructor, but as a tour guide.  Good to know if anyone else has been interested in signing up for this trip!

Several of us have been working on Quilts for Heroes, Quilts of Valor, as well as teddy bear quilts.  Those teddy bear quilts sure are a great way to use up orphan blocks or fabric scraps!  Speaking of which, Linda and her sister Melody collaborated on an orphan quilt which involved twenty years' worth of orphan blocks, hand-painted blocks, machine embroidery, etc., and came up with a beautiful nearly king sized quilt.

Margaret and Loraine were at Sisters' and enjoyed themselves.  Several of us took the Victoria Findlay Wolfe class, which I personally found to be extremely interesting and motivating to do some more artistic things with my quilts and fabric in general.  I also would highly recommend trying a class at Bearly Threaded.  My schedule finally worked out and I was able to take one and it was really fun!  The ladies there are talented, fun, and really good instructors!