Homer News

In January, while one of us was in Europe visiting friends (bad timing, oops!), we had the “9 Women/9 Quilts” show at the Homer Council on the Arts. Everyone said it was a great show and we hope you all were able to stop by while up here for the retreat. It showcased each row quilt done by 9 of us. It was great to see them all hung up together and to see the consistencies of everyone's style in their rows in each quilt.

We have donated a group of quilts, along with some teddy bears with teddy bear quilts, to the family of the Coast Guard member, Michael Kozloski, who was killed in a work related accident at the end of January. We were happy to provide his family with some form of comfort.

Speaking of teddy bear quilts, we have accumulated many teddy bears that are now quilt-less, so if anyone has any interest in donating a small quilt to wrap one of these furry little guys in, we would be grateful! They are taking over Jane's basement. Thank you everyone for your donations! Haven House will be thrilled.

We are already working on/thinking about working on gifts for next year's retreat! The fun never ends.... Actually, we are enjoying it, so it's ok! Our next big feat is the Mother's Day show in May, so we are also starting to get serious about that.

And now for some fun quilting facts!

  1.  According to dictionary.com the word “quilt” dates back to around 1250 AD. 
  2. Quilters Newsletter published a study in 2010 which said that there are 21 million quilters in the US. They are predominately female and their average age is 62.
  3. The Chinese and Egyptians were the first to sew three layers of fabrics together to form a quilt.
  4. The first rotary cutter was invented in 1979 by Olfa for garment making. Soon after quilters started realizing the advantages of it.
  5. The first spools for thread were invented in the 1820s and used birch wood.