Homer News

As there is not much to say this time of year besides about everyone enjoying, arranging – thank you so much Carol and Patrice for all your hard work(!!!!), or hearing about the retreat, I decided to ask some of the women in our group about their favorite quilting/fabric oriented classes.   

Susan said that the bag class with Nancy Matthew was her favorite.  She said that she teaches great techniques for zippers and pockets.  Susan loved the class and is looking forward to doing more bags!

Linda says that the “Mango Tango” class taught by Laurie Shifrin that she took in Valdez in 2018 was her favorite.  She included how to how to use colors and the flanged curve technique.

“We had a great time at the 2018 Valdez Quilt Festival.  The people were great and so were the classes.  Probably one of the best things we saw was the sea lions at the hatchery.  They were within 3 feet of us.  We saw one catch a salmon and devour it.  Linda Wagner took the greatest pictures!  It was also my first time on a ferry – definitely not my only trip!  Needless to say, we are looking forward to the 2020 festival.” -Carol R.

Shirley and Piama really enjoyed the Tula Pink class they took this past summer in Anchorage at Seams Like Home.  She taught her serpentine foundation piecing pattern.  She was funny and a great teacher!  They learned a lot and had a fun time in general.

“Many years ago I took a “Crazy Rays” class from Dana Lewis.  It was so much fun.  It was done with 16 fat quarters.  I remember picking out the fabrics with Brigit and Eileen Wyeth.  Just the whole process was a good time for me.  I would definitely recommend Dana Lewis as a teacher.” -Ruby

“'Curvaceous Cabins' looked like a fun challenge I could embrace.  So I quickly signed up at a guild meeting.  Nancy Matthew was a marvelous instructor and even helped rip out mistakes.  This pattern really took serious concentration. I'm thrilled with the outcome.” -Jan M.

Janet B. really enjoyed taking the Cynthia England class a few years back.  She said it was full of tiny pieces, but they learned a new way of paper piecing.  She ended up completing a scene of a lake and mountains.  

“I took a bag class taught by Pam Raby at Quilter's Affair in Sisters Oregon.  Pam's instructions were excellent; she brought all the tools we needed (including a hammer for the magnetic snaps and grommets!).  Pam's class was the first class I have ever finished during class time!” -Margaret

And finally, although I got here too late to meet Theresa's mother, Alice Dubber, I have heard many wonderful things about her and have learned many things through either Theresa or others who had learned from her.  Here is a list of things various people in our group remember learning from Alice:


-if you enjoy what you're doing but feel like it isn't perfect – just keep doing it because you enjoy it

-when you are picking out fabric – use fabric that speaks to you

-never put pins in your mouth – she would call you on it every time!

-put something under your presser foot when you are not using your machine

-press your quilt into submission

-if you practice you will get better

-when you're threading your machine, the thread should be coming out of the back of the spool

-your quilt top should be folded with the seam side in until your quilt is quilted