Homer News

We held our 33rd annual quilt show on a gorgeous Mother's Day weekend at the Homer Elks lodge on May 13th and 14th.  More than 300 people attended the show to see the 85 spectacular quilts on display. Hanging all 85 pieces was a bit of a challenge, as last year we had only 70 quilts in the show. But thanks to those 3M plastic "Velcro" picture hangers, we were able to hang several quilts on the walls.

In addition to the quilts on display, there were quilts, pot holders, aprons, placemats, gift bags, and many other items for sale in the "Cash & Carry" section of the show; which was beautifully decorated and managed by Carol Renfrew and Charlene Ditton.

Sitting at the admissions desk on Sunday afternoon, I found myself once again very proud to be associated with such talented quilters as we have in Homer and the surrounding area. I blushed for all of us every time a viewer remarked that we made choosing their favorite in each category to be impossibly hard. I would reply that we spent all year becoming better quilters just so we could make it harder for them to vote. This got a laugh every time, and then I got another laugh when I saw a ballot with "Please give us pencils with erasers next year!" written on it.

There were 29 entries in the large bed quilt category, up from 27 in 2016. We have 27 spaces for large bed quilts in our current display equipment, so if this trend continues, we may have to find a way to display more quilts. The category that grew the most was small bed quilts.

I know from seeing the silent auction bids that a number of Guild members came to Homer to see the show. In case you didn't, please see the photos section of the Guild website, as we posted several photos. Alternatively, please join the Kachemak Bay Quilters group on Facebook, where Karrie also posted numerous photos.


The viewer's choice awards went to:

  • Large Bed Quilts
    • First Place: Karrie Youngblood's "Thistle Pod"  quilted by Karrie Youngblood
    • Second Place: Eileen Wythe's "Memories of Years Gone By” quilted by Eileen Wythe
    • Third Place: Janet Bacher's "Happy Hedge Hogs” quilted by Karrie Youngblood
  • Small Bed Quilts
    • First Place: Cinda Martin's "50th Wedding Anniversary Compass" quilted by Karrie Youngblood
    • Second Place: Elaine Plante's "Tree of Life" quilted by Karrie Youngblood
    • Third Place: Shirley Svoboda's "Snowman Village" quilted by Shirley Svoboda
  • Wall Quilts
    • First Place: Patrice Krant's "Icy Waters II" quilted by Karrie Youngblood
    • Second Place: Charlene Ditton and Carol Renfrew's "Bella Luna" quilted by Lily Huebsch 
    • Third Place: Linda Wagner's "Moosekie" quilted by Linda Wagner
  • 2017 Small Quilt Challenge -- Between the Tides
    • First Place: Karrie Youngblood's "Rising Tides” quilted by Karrie Youngblood
    • Second Place: Janet Bacher's "Tide's Out” quilted by Janet Bacher
    • Third Place: Jan Mosher's "Full Moon and Wave” quilted by Jan Mosher
  • Other
    • First Place: Patrice Krant's "Paper-Pieced Octopus Pillow" quilted by Patrice Krant
    • Second Place: Sherry Broome's "Salmon Table Runner" quilted by Sherry Broome
    • Third Place: Charlene Jump's "Jacket for Mom" quilted by Charlene Jump

Be sure to check out the quilt show photos, including photos of many of the ribbon winners, in the photos section of this newsletter or on the KPQG newsletter.

We will have a quilt show "postmortem" meeting during upcoming Thursday and Monday group sewing sessions to identify issues and opportunities to improve our show for next year. Karrie Youngblood solicited feedback in advance of the meeting and has already received two dozen suggestions for improvement. Our goal is to keep the show fresh by paying attention to and accommodating growing trends in quilting and continually improving the production and layout of the show.

Go ahead and put the Homer Quilt Show on your calendar for next year! As always, it will be on Mother's Day weekend at the Elks Lodge.

In other Kachemak Bay Quilters news, check out the photos section of the newsletter or KPQG website for photos from our latest Teddy Bear Tea, hosted by Jane Regan, at which recently made teddy bear quilts are paired with teddy bears donated by Hallo Bay Bear Viewing to be donated to Haven House for distribution to children who come through Haven House due to domestic violence. Haven House staff reported to us that many of the children are more comfortable in their interviews with staff or law enforcement when they have a teddy bear and a quilt.