Book Look

By Kathleen Barkley

Wedge Quilt Workshop by Christina Cameli

Publisher: Stash Books

Christina Cameli’s latest book, Wedge Quilt Workshop, offers ten unique projects, each with step-by-step tutorials. The book includes wedge basics, skills and techniques, and design sheets. Topics also included are: inline cutting, reciprocal cutting, and angled cutting.

 Quilters have been playing with wedges for a long time and those of you who have taken one of Barb Steckel’s classes using the wedge or Anelie Belden’s guild-sponsored class a couple of years ago are familiar with the wedge ruler. Cameli’s refine and approach to making rounds create wedges that come together reliably. Her graphic designs using the wedge are possible without complicated math or drafting. They make precision attainable and have limitless potential for the modern quilter. Cameli’s book includes a wedge pattern for every project however, she recommends investing in an acrylic wedge ruler when possible. The projects in the Wedge Quilt Workshop use nine and ten inch rulers.


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