Book Look

By Dana C Lewis

Thinking outside the Block – Step by step to Dynamic Quilts

By Sandi Cummings with Karen Flamme

Published by C&T Publishing 2004

I’ve recently renewed my interest in Art quilting, so this book spoke to me. It’s not new, and it’s out of publication. But, it is available as a Print on Demand from the publisher, and it seams to be easy to locate. Amazon is selling it for $200.32 plus shipping. Really. That’s the used version; the new copy is $147.00. What is going on at Amazon? You can find it for $2-$4 at several other on-line sellers.

If you have an interest in making art quilts, but don’t know where to start, this book is a good option. I am sure if you stepped through each of the techniques you will be a successful art quilter. I’ve made many ‘art quilts’, but I hope to try these techniques too. They make each technique approachable, and appealing. They do assume you know something about quilting, so everything is not overly explained. You can do it.

I’m going to be doing some art quilting this year, anyone interested in joining me?

I do not find any published corrections for this book.

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