Book Look

By Dana C Lewis, Librarian

The Quilt Block Cookbook

50 Block Recipes, 7 Sampler Quilts, Endless Possibilities

By Amy Gibson

Published by Lucky Spool Media 2016


My first thought as I thumbed through this book was ‘What a fun book’! This is another modern take on some mostly traditional blocks – 50 blocks. I love getting good value from a book.  There are 7 Quilts and they definitely have a modern sensibility but the settings are fresh and interesting.

If you follow quilts on Pinterest, you may recognize some of these quilts. They have been quite popular there. I had pinned a couple of photos before I knew they were from this book. I’m drawn more and more to modern designs.

The book is arranged somewhat differently from most of our books. But, this works well. In fact, it’s as pretty as a coffee table book.

There are corrections published by Lucky Spool Media for the first edition. If you plan to purchase this book, make sure you get a later edition.

Are you working with modern designs? Let us know if you check out this book and what your thoughts are about it.