By Sue Magyar

Hello from partially sunny Seward!  

We have had our first class of the 2024 season.  Lily Huebsch taught 16 of us the Maxwell Bag.  She was busy the entire day, going from student to student, helping and answering questions.  A couple of us had been Lily's test students, helping her iron out pattern or teaching issues.  Hence, I had two bags, as did Kathleen Barkley.  Wonderful, gorgeous bags resulted!

This led me to think.  We need these pictures out there.  

If you are on Facebook, look at Kenai Peninsula Quilting Guild page.  We have posted several bags.  If you have yours done, please create a post, or add on to another post by commenting.  These bags need to be seen!

Also, www.kpqg.org has a photo gallery, and you can add your pictures there.  This is a tad more complicated than Facebook, but once you get used to it, it should work well.

  • To view photos, click on Photos, and you will see the photo gallery.  There should be a page for each class or activity or meeting.  You do not need to be logged in to view.
  • If you would like to add to an existing folder, first log in.  Then go to the Photo Gallery and click a specific folder.  You will see tabs to View, Edit or Delete.  If you select Edit, you will be able to add a photo from your phone or computer.  You can also add a short description once your photo is uploaded.
  • If there is no folder, go to the bottom of the page and click Upload Photos, or Read More.  You will find a link to create a new photo gallery (also, instructions can be viewed here).  Once you name the new folder, you can upload your photos.  Selecting your photos from your photo gallery on your phone, you'll see the count, etc. on the page.  Wait for the little wheel thingy to quit spinning before you save.  After the wheel has stopped, you'll see your photos, and be able to add titles, etc.  You can then hit save.  Go back to the Photo Gallery page, and you should see your folder.

These are the very simplest of steps.  There are issues of course.  Some have trouble depending on their phone.  There are orientation issues.  It was explained to me by our Website/Media Chair on how to correct this, but he's so far above my level of understanding that all I heard was a rapid buzz.  If you have troubles, I would be happy to post your pics for you, just text them to me.  Questions of a more technical nature could be forwarded to Adam Bauer or Barb Steckel.

As I said, just the beginning of a fun summer ahead, with two national teachers coming to our Guild!  In July, Deb Tucker is teaching two classes:  Sugar & Spice and Mama Bear's Paws.  There are a few spots available in one of the classes, so please contact me if you are interested.  RaNae Merrill will be here to dazzle us in August with a couple of classes:  Spirals Boot Camp, and Free Motion Mastery.  Space is available.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Email me at magyar@arctic.net, or text or call.  My cell # is 907-491-0244.

The Education Committee is working on 2025.  Stand by for more!


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