Past President

By Heather Johnston

Hello everyone from steamy Arkansas! Everyone here asks me if I miss the Alaskan winter. I say no, but I do miss the summers! All I can say is Thank you, Lord, for letting AC be invented.

At 7am we are already in the 70's and climbing and by 10 my glasses will fog up when I step outside.  I've had a chance to get some sewing done- mainly for an upcoming trip in June (isn't that how it goes sometimes? Nothing to quilt and bound in a few weeks flat.) It has been great to sit down at the machine and sew or quilt instead of hammering or drilling away. You ladies are most likely getting in the last sewing of the season as the summer weather, such as it is, warms up and outside activities and travel pick up. 

I think of my sewing group often (while daydreaming about the weather, mostly). I hear I missed the first class of the summer and wish I was there for the others. I know the Education Committee has worked really hard to get instructors that get us to think on new techniques or ideas. Stay dry this summer, hopefully you won't have the rain like you did last summer and enjoy the coolness. The house is coming along, plumbing is in and the electrical is caught up to date. I'll be refinishing the floors this week and painting the rooms that I can. I think that could be considered the halfway point. Still a lot left to do but the relief of getting the floors done will be huge.

Have a great summer ladies.  

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