President’s Report

Hello all! Here in Arkansas the nights are cool but the days still warm up in the afternoon. Thanksgiving was this last week and that meant four days to work on my house. I had planned to tile the bathroom and laundry over the four days. While prepping for the tiling I noticed the sheetrock under one window was softer than it should have been and I ended up opening the wall and removing the dry rot from a window long taken out which derailed the tiling project.

That's what life has given us these last few years, hasn't it? Covid derailed our lives- as a planet, as a person, as a guild. But two years in and we are now really getting back in the groove. Our different areas have been meeting regularly again for a year, the guild is having classes, and the guild retreat is once again just around the corner. Winters in Alaska is when the sewing machine comes out to play full time. With the snow on the ground we play in our sewing rooms creating a garden of lovely quilts. We take precautions, expect what plan, but change for the detours.

My detour is a solid window sill, tilted at the right angle to keep the water out for another 70+ years, and a chance to insulate the outside wall. Maybe I'll get to tile next week.

Heather Johnston

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