Hello from hot, hot, hot, Arkansas!

My things have finally arrived, and it is like Christmas and I'm unwrapping all those quilty presents from... myself. In all seriousness, mom and I have worked on ONE quilt since we got to Arkansas in the 8 weeks before my things arrived. And, by working on, I laid out a section in the morning and she sewed it while I was at work. You know how no two sewers (or sewing machines) sew the same? This is a lot like that.


This project reminds me of the guild. Some of us are more traditional, some are more free flowing, some like the muted colors, others lean toward the brights. Handwork, pieced work, or applique- however we sew, whatever the choices, we all have one goal in mind- making something beautiful. 


Summertime is when we put away the quilting to concentrate on the gardening, the fishing, the far away friends and family coming for a weeklong visit, or us visiting others now that the roads are clear.  But summer is almost over, and autumn is around the corner (and winter is coming.)  It is time to be drawn back into the creative pool of fabric. 


Upcoming guild meetings and events are the October meeting and Getting Ready for the Holiday's (some awesome crafts this year for you to do). The education committee has been getting some things together to keep us busy. This is when we get to come together as a whole and renew those friendships that summer had set aside. 


We might meet up occasionally, communicate by technology, and run into each other while grocery shopping; our goal is still the same- making something beautiful. In our lives, our families, our friendships. The threads that connect us together might seem tenuous but can be as strong as steel to see us through the tough times. Or how far apart in miles we are.

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