Seward News

Greetings from the winter wonderland of Seward! The weather is ever changing, but today it's upper 20's, sunny, and crisp. Light snow fell last night (at least south of the snow belt), and we got another inch. Not so bad. So far...

Our quilting activities are ramping up a bit. We continue to work on quilts for our local veterans. We're nearing completion but have a way to go yet. 2023 for sure, hopefully the first half of the year. There have been other opportunities for giving in Seward. Unfortunately, there were two families who lost everything to fire (not lives), so we were very happy to have quilts on hand for these families. One man had lost the quilt awarded to him as a veteran, and we gladly replaced this as well. Checking with Seward's Baby Welcome Wagon, their supply of quilts is good, and they are keeping a schedule of meeting with new mothers, having events and gatherings to help educate new parents and support them. It sounds like a fun event! We have been involved in making quilts for raffle to benefit the new Animal Shelter in town. They have a new building but need to fill it with the necessities. Seward Schools' Travel Club has again become more active and needed quilts to raffle. We called upon our people, and Pam Ventgen donated a couple lovely items (thank you Pam!). We hope they raise tons of money! The middle school is saving to go to D.C./New York City, and the high school hopes to be able to go to Costa Rica. We have been meeting more frequently, every two weeks or so, which is nice. Donna had a little pajama bottom session with sergers that was appreciated. The Elizabeth Hartman addicts will be getting another fix with Social Sharks. We'll be having a New Year's Day event to start this process. This event is also kickoff for UFO club in 2023. We're still plugging away on those darned UFOs, and unbelievably, creating more! Ah well. Heather gently urges us along, keeping a tally, and making nifty prizes!! Retreats are on the horizon as well. Seward Resort will be the setting for about 12 of us the first weekend in December. These are always very fun, and we welcome the opportunity. Of course, we're looking forward to being with our Guild gang in February! So much fun!


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