Homer News

Not much going on here in Homer.  Everyone's getting a start (or finish!) on any presents they're making and most likely shipping out somewhere for Christmas.  More teddy bears and then teddy bear quilts to go with them of course.  I have not been going to quilting lately, but I haven't heard about much excitement outside of the norm for this time of year.  Oh, and in case some of you didn't manage to make it to the quilt show that the Lion's Club so graciously took over, it was wonderful!  There was a good turnout of quilts, and it was fun to see what everyone has been working on, as usual.  Besides that, people are excited about the retreat in February.  It's always good to have something to look forward to after the holiday season is over.  We're also counting down the days until Patrice will be back from her, what will be by then, one year long heart transplant "adventure" (for lack of a better word!) in April.  We all miss her very much but are happy she is doing well in general.  She's a toughie!  

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