Vice President - Education

by Barbara Steckel

Just before the last Newsletter we had 2 more classes.  Nancy Matthew had a successful wallet class.  Everyone had a great time and several students were already planning to make more for gifts.  Then Sharon Hale taught a group how to make Mickey Moose.  The group was small, but everyone had a lot of fun and there were some unique moose created.  Check the website photos and hopefully you will see some of the creations.

At the General Meeting in October, our education program was to take a short survey to get a feeling on what the group was interested in for education.  A number were very interested in one day classes.  We also got some feeling on what members are willing to pay for classes.  This information helps the Education Committee in coming forward with possible classes.

Wish we could give you specific information on classes for next year, but we are still working on it.  Pam Ventgen is working on a two-day class that hopefully will have multiple choices for size and not use special rulers.  We are listening to you.

We have asked a couple of teachers to give us proposals for one-day classes and we will be following up with them so we have more information by Retreat.

Some of the well known teachers have gone to having "certified" teachers to present their classes rather than them doing all the travelling.  Some of these certified teachers are closer, but it isn't having the actual teacher with us, but we do get the same classes offered by the known teacher,  The price for outside teachers has also increased.  In KPQG the students (members) pay for the teacher fees and the classroom while the KPQG pays for the teacher's travel, hotel, meals and other appropriate class related costs.  The Education Committee tries to keep all of this in mind when trying to find teachers.

PLEASE, if you have a suggestion for a teacher, let one of us know so we can pursue it.  We have a very diverse membership with many different interests, not every class is going to be something you might want to take, but be brave and try something new.  You might like it.  

Your Education Committee is Lorraine Murphy and Kris Rutledge from Homer; Donna Glenz, Kathleen Barkley, and Sue Magyar from Seward; Cathy Howlett and Barbara Steckel from Central Peninsula.  

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