by Kathleen Barkley

LOVE Jelly Roll Quilts

A Baker’s Dozen of Tasty Projects for All Skill Levels


Jo Avery, Susan Briscoe, Nicola Dodd,

Carolyn Foster, Alice Hadley, Natalie Santini



Stash Books

an imprint of C&T Publishing

LaFayette, California


The twelve projects featured in LOVE Jelly Roll Quilts were contributed by quilt makers from the United Kingdom, Scotland, and the United States.  Each quilt pattern shares detailed information using your jelly rolls from start to finish and shows photographs of the steps necessary for completion.  Several of the quilt patterns play with subtle reflective and rational symmetry in their design, which results in the creation of a more visual movement.  The cutting instructions allow for very little wastage. Included are directions for making your quilts larger or smaller. Templates are provided with several of the quilt patterns.  All the contributors emphasize the importance of color placement in your quilt.  

Susan Briscoe, United Kingdom quilt maker and designer, mentions that the older British quilts and coverlets usually had a knife-edge finish rather than a binding, unlike most modern quilts.  Susan gives directions for achieving a knife-edge finish as featured in her pattern, DRYSLWAN DREAMS, on page 18.

The projects in LOVE Jelly Roll Quilts showcase the versatility of the various contributors with regards to using precuts, techniques, color, design, technical tips, and the auditioning of fabrics in quilts.

Check out these contributors’ websites for more great ideas and information:

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